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About New Hospitality

Commited to Modern Hospitality

New Hospitality is a communications technology company specialized in providing on-site and hosted hospitality communications solutions to hotels & resorts in the United States, Canada and Latin America. Benefiting from strong partnerships with some of the telecom industry’s premier PBX software developers, New Hospitality’s innovative hotel phone solutions are designed to reduce operating expenses, improve guest service and enhance management capabilities. The company’s flagship hosted PBX platform offers operators the reliability, flexibility & responsiveness they need to get the most out of their current hardware, drive down costs and ensure smooth business operations. 

New Hospitality is dedicated to its mission of providing hotels & resorts with cutting-edge phone solutions to help achieve their business goals and meet their long-term communications needs. Find out more about our hospitality solutions here.

Other Services

New Hospitality offers clients the option of using the company’s integration & deployment service. The integration & deployment service provides on-site technical assistance from a team of VoIP networking specialists, which works jointly with the client’s technical staff to ensure the seamless integration of its hosted solution into the company network. This service is delivered over the course of 1-3 days, depending on the nature and breadth of the deployment.

Contact a New Hospitality representative to discuss whether a hosted PBX solution is right for your hotel property.