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Hosted Hotel PBX Solution

Overview of the New Hospitality PBX Solution

More than just a phone system, New Hospitality’s innovative cloud-based hotel communications platform provides everything you need to manage your hotel operations in a single solution – from reservations and front desk, to guest services, housekeeping and accounting. Its user-friendly interface can be accessed from any modern web browser – giving your staff the type of agile, functional solution required to be productive in a fast-paced hospitality environment. What’s more, this VoIP-powered hosted hotel PBX solution can preserve existing investments by seamlessly integrating with both analog & IP phones, as well as with the industry’s leading PMS platforms.

Discover the benefits of hosted communications.

Cloud technology has transformed the business enterprise environment by replacing high-cost on-site PBX deployments with practical, profit-oriented solutions. New Hospitality’s hotel phone solution eliminates the maintenance, support, and capital costs required to operate on-site equipment, and provides additional tools to help operators improve their bottom line. Our award-winning system includes the following components and features :

  • A hotel PBX platform with enhanced calling features for guests & staff.
  • A VoIP-based architecture for superior flexibility and affordability.
  • Seamless integration with the industry’s leading PMS platforms.
  • A hosted approach for secure, reliable operation with minimal management.
  • An integrated billing platform to easily process guest accounts & payments.
  • Exportable call & payment logs to simplify accounting tasks.
  • Productivity features to streamline front desk operations.
  • Cost & statistics reports to provide accurate business intelligence.

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