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Hosted Hotel Solution Cost Benefits

With mobile phones as a growing alternative to room telephones, today’s hospitality providers face multiple challenges. Hotel telecom service revenue and margins have declined while market segmentation has required more tailored service to meet patron expectations. Increased segmentation is requiring greater service differentiation. Hotel chains now offer more grades of service and amenities aimed at specific patrons, such as suites or extended stays apartments. Hospitality providers need the flexibility to offer grades of voice service that match. They also need the ability to change capabilities to respond to competitors. These significant flexibility requirements are a growing challenging for operators using on-site PBX equipment. 

Addressing the hospitality challenge

Hospitality telecom costs typically include upfront costs for equipment & phones, maintenance costs, and support service contracts. In addition, sites require connectivity for voice and data lines as well as local/long distance minutes and bandwidth. These services are often split among multiple vendors, requiring additional management oversight.

New Hospitality’s innovative approach to hotel PBX eliminates the maintenance, support, and capital costs required to operate premises equipment. We offer management with a single point of contact for all communications issues and reduce monthly charges by offering voice and data services over a single channel. For new construction, building costs are reduced through a single wiring plan. For chains, our services can be implemented available across all properties, providing guests a consistent experience regardless of the site.

Ensuring a seamless transition

New Hospitality’s hosted hotel solution is often delivered in a complete service package. When compared to the total cost of managing premises equipment, our solution can save hotels 30% or more while delivering better service to guests. It may also be possible to replace existing on-site equipment while keeping room phones.

New Hospitality provides owners with a  range of migration plans designed to preserve existing investments, limit service disruptions and leverage the full benefits of VoIP technology in their establishments.

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