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Hotel Management Features

New Hospitality PBX Management

New Hospitality’s hosted hotel solution includes built-in hotel management features that allow it to perform handily as a standalone hospitality management system. It can act as an end-to-end solution that handles all aspects of property management, from checking-in and billing guests, to monitoring room availability & PBX activity, to gathering business intelligence. This eliminates the need for hotel operators to work with multiple different vendors and providers to cover all their day-to-day requirements.

By streamlining the deployment and provider structure of hotel establishments, the New Hospitality solution places owners in the best possible position to maximize profits through cost reductions and productivity gains. In addition to providing built-in features, New Hospitality’s hosted solution has been designed to easily integrate with existing hotel PMS products.

Automated Wake-up Calls & Notifications

One-touch Check-in & Check-out

Room Occupancy & Housekeeping Status Display

911 Front Desk Alert System

Call Privilege Management

Integrated Billing Platform

 For further technical insight on New Hospitality’s hotel PMS features, visit the product specifications page.