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On-site vs hosted PBX solutions

Although personal wireless devices have emerged as the preferred means of communications for hotel guests in today’s age, one of the major recurring costs associated with operating and managing a hospitality property continues to stem from the hotel PBX system. While landlines are increasingly viewed as unnecessary by consumers, hotel room phones – used to deliver a number of important services to guests – are just as essential today as they were a few decades ago.

In addition to providing a means of communicating with hotel staff, hotel room phones offer a common list of services that many guests have come to depend on, including external calling, messaging & voicemail, emergency 911 calling and various notification services.

 Traditional Hotel PBX

Unfortunately for hotel operators, maintaining a traditional PBX system on-site comes with a number of potentially costly challenges.  System upgrades – which typically come around every 4-5 years – can cost upwards of 150,000$, without necessarily adding any palpable features.

 Cloud-hosted Hotel PBX

Cloud technology has transformed the business enterprise environment by replacing high-cost on-site PBX deployments with practical, profit-oriented hosted solutions. The most commonly cited reasons for switching to hosted PBX service include reduced costs, lower maintenance requirements and software-enabled business features. Cloud adoption rates have been limited in the hospitality sector, in part due to a wide-spread reliance on PMS platforms, which until recently could only integrate with on-site PBX.

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